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About “Sedinin Bazar”

The organisation was founded in 2019 with the goal of supporting ambitious disabled youth. Sedinin Bazar, with its selfless supporters has been providing programs of financial aid and opportunities for young disabled people to, through education, professional training, scholarship funding, employment and self-employment, be encouraged to strive for their life goals.




Sedina Salispahić Hajro, born 06.12.1967. in Goražde, as the fifth member of the family.

I spent the first eighteen years of my life in Goražde, where I finished primary and secondary school.

By enrolling in college, I was conditioned to move away and I never came back.

After completing my studies in Mostar as a Civil Engineer, I returned to Sarajevo. In that period of my life, I also met my husband, and in a short period of time got married and already in 1990 became the mother of our son Nermin.


The unexpected turn of life events culminated in the fight for the life of our son, who was born with a severe anomaly on the bile ducts through the liver. As early as 1992, the war began, Sarajevo was under siege and many problems were encountered. We tried to get out of the besieged Sarajevo, but without success. We are dealing with the adversities made even more difficult by the war, and treatment then becomes impossible. After eighteen months of war, more precisely in November 1993, we finally manage to go to Chicago for treatment, even though I was alone with my son at the time, everything became more bearable.

From the very beginning of my stay in Chicago, I have been actively involved in humanitarian volunteer work whenever I have the opportunity to do so. In a very short period of time, I got a job and managed to send papers to my husband with the immigration offices, who joined us after a year, in 1994 to be exact.

My job at the grocery store ends with new health complications and my son Nermin's liver transplant, and my whole life becomes a new experience. As parents, in the throes of fighting for our son's life, we survived all three of his clinical deaths. And in addition to thirteen surgeries during the first year and many visits to the University Hospital in Chicago, I was always led in a special way with the desire to help someone, even though I myself really needed help.

Here in America and the Chicago community, I have been an activist of the school for our children since its establishment, an active member of the BICC congregation, a long-term president of the women's group Nur and many other platforms that were active during that period.

In November 1997, another big turning point in our lives happened, our twins Emina and Amina were born. Life always brought some new joy, as a wife, mother of three children, activist in the community, I became even more active with a special euphoria.


Life brought ups and downs, like to all other people. After all the hardships and nineteen years of struggle, in July 2009 we lost the life battle and our son Nermin physically left forever, as a high school graduate.

At the suggestion of his school, I was to be the bearer of a platform under his name, which was intended for scholarships for children with special needs. At that moment, I was not ready, nor did I have the strength, crushed by the pain to try anything, I retreated thinking that in my silence I myself would disappear in the bitterness of pain. On the contrary, I did not disappear, but I unknowingly created a lot of health problems for myself. According to the doctor, many of them are chronic and nothing can be done except medicating for the rest of my life. As you yourself know, miracles happen and my faith in God's destiny kept me alive, but as it always happens, in 2017, the grace of God sent instructions, that is, signs along the way, into my already too difficult life. In some solitude, looking for answers on public networks, I came across the page and the name of Elvisa Kovačević, that quiet, fragile character, with a sweet voice. Listening to her, I absorbed the material more and more, and believed that it must become another side of life to which I must surrender.

Already at the beginning of 2018, my new stage begins; knowledge, training, promotion in Chicago and a one-day seminar. Truly unbelievable, a new outlook on life. That summer, I start active strategic work with Elvisa one-on-one and miracles happen. My first check-up with the doctor and really fantastic results, I'm starting to get my health back under control, more precisely my diabetes. I decide to train with a health coach. Then everything begins to gain some new path to knowledge. In many years of work with Elvisa, Anka and other platforms, including two seminars with Tony Robins, I finally start to believe in possibilities. Love awakens and frees the soul to set sail. When everything turns turbulent with the beginning of COVID-19, in that very year mysteries arise and the question arises, where and where? Thanks to the work on myself, and the support of the platform and work with Elvisa, I finally and transparently start the work of “Sedinin Bazar”. The conditions we were in at the time led to the idea of auction sales through social networks. We were a bit skeptical about whether it would be possible and whether it would survive, but now the first anniversary is approaching and it is proving to be a completely justified move.

I have always had a vision that I am destined and rewarded by God, that I am the one who can, want, want and manage to help those who need help. That's how Bazar does the right actions in support. The vision is growing into my mission, which is already expanding  Bazar into a new level of cooperation and new branches of activity. I responsibly claim that through my dedication and work on myself, I primarily made my life and that of my family much more of quality and worth living.

I've been in Chicago for twenty-eight years, but it's still only one home, and my vision with Bazar is oriented toward my only homeland, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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