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“Sedinin Bazar”  has so far provided a large number of monthly scholarships in the amount of $100 for young people with disabilities throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, and in this way provided them with support, thus enabling further training and advancement. One of the many scholarships was awarded to 13-year-old Kenana Karamehmedović, who, despite her severe hearing impairment, shows great ambitions and is a very intelligent and gifted girl. Also, one of the beneficiaries of the scholarships provided by “Sedinin Bazar” with the help of its supporters is Hana Bičakčić from Konjic, a girl with an extremely emotional life story full of trials, but despite all the problems in life, Hana is full of energy and self-confidence. In addition to the mentioned scholarships, we have given scholarships to many young ambitious people with disabilities in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which you can see in the photos down below.


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